What is this blog?

This blog is my outlet for informational and opinion pieces related to the environment, economics, policy, and the cross-sections of these three topics. The environment can be such a delicate topic in politics but it is critical to deal with if we are to live on a healthy planet. Economics is at the core of every policy debate, even in the green movement, due to the way in which money impacts our lives, businesses, and governmental decisions. I was hesitant to create this blog because while I’ve always found these topics to be important, there is so much depth of knowledge and research required to properly discuss such issues.

There is no one correct way to approach environmental decision-making due to complicated economics and political economy in various outcomes. However, throughout this blog I will try to approach each topic thoughtfully with leveled analysis and information.

So why am I writing this? Well, my background is in environmental economics with a bachelors in resource economics, nonprofit environmental activism experience, as well as internship experience in government. Following the realization that I don’t fit well into the private sector, and certainly not Human Resources, I began my current endeavor for a Master’s in Applied Economics, of which I’m about halfway through. My current research is on the cost of carbon sequestration via biochar with my advisor and another RA, which is wrapping up soon. My thesis will build on this by looking at the optimal level of biomass in a renewable portfolio for the island of Mauritius. I will also be interning in a renewables division of a state energy resources department over the summer. Government and nonprofit work is the best place for me to pursue my environmental interests, as well as through this blog. Thanks for reading!


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